Unnati Laghubittya Bittiya Sanstha Limited offer different loan based on this specification.

  • It offer both non-collateral and collateral based loan product.
  • It offer both group based and individual loan product.
  • Loan interest rate : 17 % to 19 % per annum.
  • 2 % credited to Service charge and  Loan period will be minimum period of 12 months and Maximum period: 60 months.
  • Loan Limit will be Minimum limit of Rs.20,000.00 and Maximum limit Rs. 1,000,000.00.

Loan Product:

1.Unnati Sadabahar Loan

2.Unnati Seasonal Loan

3.Unnati Agricultural Loan

4.Unnati Housing Loan

5.Unnati Microenterprise Loan

6.Unnati Alternative Loan

7.Unnati Energy Loan

8.Unnati Foreign Employment Loan

9.Unnati Educational Loan

10.Unnati Emergency Loan

11.Unnati Social Loan

12.Unnati Housewife Loan

13.Unnati Wholesale Loan